Tired of waiting for data to download to your computer? Chances are that it isn't your computer that is the problem-its your phone line.  Phone lines were never designed to transmit data at high rates  of speed (Bell Atlantic for instance only guarantees their lines will transmit at 9600 bps). Even on a good V.90 connection you are still limited to a  fraction of what your computer is capable of.

Now you can have your data at warp speed with wireless internet connections that are up to 50 times faster than a standard modem connection. With a wireless connection to  Buffalo Wireless, you no longer need a phone line, just a small external antenna and a small radio receiver attached to your computer or standard ethernet network. Only one antenna and receiver is necessary at each  location so an entire office can share one system and everyone on the network can enjoy the huge increase in speed.

Wireless access is considerably faster than any other available form of access.

  • 59 times faster than a 33.6 modem
  • 35 times faster than a 56K modem
  • 30 times faster than a ISDN
  • 15 times faster than satellite
  • 8 times faster than a cable modem

We provide our wireless service at a guaranteed minimum, burstable to T-1. *Burstable denotes a connection that provides the  customer with as much bandwidth as is available at the given moment. If T-1 bandwidth is not available at any particular moment, then the customer is guaranteed AT LEAST the minimal level for which they are paying. Presently all of our customers have been averaging throughput speeds of between 400kbps to 900kbps in both directions & bursting to T-1, even during peak periods of throughput demand (normal business hours). During evenings, early mornings & weekends, higher speeds are consistantly obtained. In other words, all of our customers receive much higher throughput speeds than the guaranteed minimum .


Fast Access: Get your data in seconds not minutes (or hours)

 Download a 4MB file in just 20 seconds (something that would take about 40 minutes over a modem). And if for some reason that isn't fast enough, we actually have equipment available that is over 3 times faster than that.

Always On Access: No need to connect

 With wireless there is no need to "dial in". No need to wait 30-60 seconds for a  connection to be made. Your connection is always on so you can be notified the second you get email or when someone requests a "chat". Whenever your computer is on, you are online automatically.

Phone-Free Access: No need for a phone line

Because it doesn't use phone lines at all, wireless service doesn't require you to tie up a phone line whenever you are online. So no need to "get off the phone" or  constant busy signals for your friends if you only have one phone line. Better yet, if you currently have a dedicated phone line for internet access you can use it for something else or get rid of it all together  (saving $20-35 a month in local phone charges, more for business class phone service).

Inexpensive High Speed Access

Not only is wireless access faster, it is considerably less expensive than the alternative forms of access. Similar bandwidth using traditional data lines would be over $800  per month just for the local loop (before any internet access fees).

Even when compared to slow dialup connections, wireless access is quite affordable. Consider the following dialup situations:

Home Casual User

One residential phone line: $22
One personal dialup account: $18
Total: $40

Small Business User

One business phone line: $30
One business dialup account: $30
Total: $60  plus per-minute charges from your phone company

 Medium Sized Business User

Two business phone lines: $60
Two business dialup accounts: $60
Total: $120  plus per-minute charges from your phone company


In most cases, wireless access that is up to 50 times faster is comparable to or even less  expensive than dialup access.

Wireless Internet Access Costs

The cost of wireless access is a fraction of what similar bandwidth would cost through other means. Even when compared to dialup access wireless  is comparable when taking the cost of the necessary phone lines into consideration.

 (Average  install cost $299)

Residential installs from $199.00

Residential Wireless 128/256K

Only $39.99/month!!!

Business 64K             NEW

Only $49/month!!!

Business 128K


Business 256K


Business 512K


The system connects via 10baseT (RJ-45) directly into an Ethernet LAN or PC equipped with an ordinary network card.

 Accounts may not be shared between different businesses, however, equipment and setup costs may be shared between businesses in the same location. In many cases, such as businesses sharing a building, it  may be possible to split the setup charges several ways to decrease the initial cost.

Wireless internet access is ideal for both offices wanting to bring the internet to multiple desktops and  individuals wanting higher speed access than is possible over phone lines.

Wireless Internet Access Availability:

 Wireless service in Buffalo is available immediately. Although we currently have coverage over everything in the city and surrounding suburbs, trees and other obstacles may make it impossible for  some locations to receive an acceptable signal.We currently offer wireless Internet access connectivity up to T-1 speeds (1.54Mbps or 1,540 kbps) on our local Metropolitan Network which covers most of  Buffalo and portions of the surrounding towns We are upgrading our local network to enable mobile high speed, broadband wireless Internet connectivity with seamless roaming capability of a much wider area.


If you are interested in wireless service please fill out the info request form below. Even if we are not  currently able to service your location, we will be using these info requests to plan additional broadcasting locations.We are continually adding new POP's to cover other local areas, so please contact us by email at Service Info to learn when our service will be available in your area. We will  notify you by email as soon as we determine a date for implementation in your area.             



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